Learn To Fly

Should I Learn To Fly?

$99 Introductory Flight with an FAA certified Instructor

Picture of a Piper Warrior People become pilots for all different reasons. Some people are seeking to make a career out flying; working for the airlines, flying for the military, or flight instructing. Others just love the freedom of being able to defy gravity and see the world in its third dimension. But, one thing all pilots have in common is the love of flying. It makes no difference what they fly, a balloon, a glider, piston power aircraft, jets and yes even rockets. Every pilot I talk to has this love of flying.

So, do you have a passion for flying? Not Sure? Call today and schedule an introductory ride. We will:

explain the process of becoming a pilot,
instruction you in the basic ground operations of the aircraft,
put you in the pilot’s seat with FAA certified flight instructor for your introductory flight.
Would you like to become a FAA Certified Private Pilot? Here is all you need to do to become a Student Pilot:

Student Pilot startup kits are available at the Baytown Airport. Kits include everything you need to start your ground school and flight training.

Enrollment requirements:

Must have a valid Birth Certificate or US Passport
Must be a US Citizen
No age requirement to start but must be 17 years of age before you can obtain a FAA Private Pilot Certificate